Hurricane Eline/Gloria in Madagascar between Feb 16th-21st/Feb 29th-... , 2000

During southern hemisphere summer, Madagascar is alwyas hit by hurricanes. At the beginning of 2000, there were 2 very desastrous hurricanes. The first one was the same hurricane that has hit Mozambique. At least some 20 persons died from this.

Below, you can see a sequence of satellite images which show the path followed by both hurricanes, "Eline" between February, 14th to 25th, 2000 and "Gloria" starting Feb. 29th, 2000. (Images has been borrowed from the University of Nottingham METEOSAT site and processed by merging together in order to show you the whole island). Just click on the image to choose the hurricane.

Notes: The sequences include some 6 to 15 pictures and can take some time to be downloaded on your local computer. For your convinience, I advise you to check them at your local low traffic time.

Eline Feb 14-25th, 2000 Eline Gloria Feb 29th-..., 2000 Gloria
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