Last change: May 28th, 2003
The music from Madagascar ( 78rpm and CD) like the culture and the people, has got influences from a lot of countries around (Mauritius, Mozambic, Reunion island, and South Africa) and far (South asian and France).

In general, more rhythmic songs are found on the coast, while songs from the inland are slower and more for relaxing. Nowadays, musics are played with sophisticated modern instruments but specificity is normally added using traditional ones.

Of course, with these instruments, traditional players make the all village dance included the very young kids.

The picture on the right shows a typical South-eastern village dancing with their traditional dresses. (Note the hat and the lamba, the piece of material they have around their waist).

With the necessary card and sofwtare allowing you to listen to sounds on the Web, you can try the samples ( 1,2) cited in Andry's page.

Following is a list of singer's links known up to date. If you know of other groups with homepage, please drop me a message with its URL address so that I can put it on this list.


I advise you to check Pier M. Larson's Home Page on the Madagascar Musuem Society.

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