Last update: May 8th, 2003
Madagascar separated from India and the African continent millions of years ago. Some said the South Asian people (Indonesian, Malaysian) discovered it only about 1500 years ago. For the Europeans it is beleived that they have started to visit the island not more than 200-250 years ago.

Due to its location which is somehow far from the "world in general", it has got some specific and unique fauna and flora(Updated).

People also are quite unique in the sense that it is a mixing of Asian, African and Arabic blood.

However, you will be seeing differences from one region to other. These differences are felt from the climate and the panorama of the region, to the people's look.

I strongly advise you to visit the other links about Magagascar, they also post quite numerous pictures of the country which make you dream and increase your willing to visit this beautiful island.

This diversity is really what makes the island quite unique.

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